What I chose for record video

When I walking on street I see many interesting things, and feel regret about I can’t record or take pic this, seem I lost many. I have good DSLR camera with good lenses, but in many situations I can’t use this, because is heavy and big. So, I many days thinking what I can do for record all in many situations.

Yes first I start thinking about GoPro, but wanted understand more about if is really good choice for me. I watched maybe hundred videos on YouTube and read many information. I wanted camera what can record video in any situation, so I check also alternative cameras.

Many brands produce water/dust protected cameras, I liked Olympus TG-4 model with good optic. Also interesting choice Nikon AW series or Panasonic TS cameras, what can record good FullHD video, and in many situation quality better GoPro. But all they have not so wide lens, and I think size will be not comfortable for my use.

I want show you few links to video, what I think can be must helpful if you thinking about buy water protected camera.

Here is a comparison Waterproof cameras. Is already old (2013), but still interesting:

I try not see advertising video GoPro, because all it look very impressive and beautiful, but if start see video what record ordinary people with they GoPro cameras, is look absolutely different. Anyway, I think is good to see video from people who full understand how to use camera, what parameters better set, and what camera need use in some or other situation.


Many cameras, even in cheap mobile phones can take good pics in very bright environment. So, is very important to see how camera take pic/record video when light not enough.

I also found YouTube Channel MicBergsma, he is create amazing helpful videos and tutorials about using GoPro, I recommend to watch his videos if you owner GoPro or want to buy new one:


I love best quality, but yes GoPro is compromise choice. Because anyway have many DSLR or video cameras what record much more better quality videos, but also have much bigger size and price.

So I chose GoPro for myself and hope I want use full features of this camera.

Author: Mykhailo Radzievskyi

I'm photographer and iOS/Android developer from Ukraine

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