Malaysia, island Penang

This is amazing place. After stay 2 months in Bangkok, we going to Malaysia because our Thai visas expired.

I was impressed how easy and comfortable we arrive to Malaysia. Got free stamp on arrival what allow stay 30 days in country is extremely easy and comfortable.

First I wanted see Kuala-Lumpur but we noticed is Malaysia more expensive country, and change destination to Penang island. And we never regreted about time on this beautiful island.

Penang island look really seem paradise island, with very green plants, comfortable temperature and fresh air. Is have very beautiful Botanical Garden with free entrance. We visited it few time for our 6 days stay in Malaysia.

People who we met very honest and all know English. All know English much better than me.

Opposit of Thailand, we was ordinary people when walking on a streets of Georgetown – main city on Penang island. Nobody from local people not stop and not request nothing from us because we are tourists, we feeled comfortable and honest atmosphere.

After amazing 6 days on Penang, I interesting about way how to stay longer in Malaysia. I found, government create program “Malaysia – my second home”, what allow you get multi visa for 10 years, if you invest 80,000$ in apartment or house in Malaysia. Interesting variant, but I must keep more money before.